The difference of two letters

Attitude and Gratitude.

Okay. So maybe it’s more than two letters.. but the idea is the same! Sometimes what you need to change isn’t your life.. it’s your attitude.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the – be grateful for 5 new things every day and it’ll make a world of difference! Well.. Some of us can’t organize our thoughts that easily. I’m lucky if I can walk out the door with everything I need for my next class, let alone find and record 5 things to be grateful for..

So instead, I try to wake up in the morning grateful I didn’t die. … Sounds morbid doesn’t it? But I mean it! If you think about the number of opportunities for death that you expose yourself to everyday it’s amazing to think that you’re still breathing. Then if you let that thought process trickle down it’s amazing what a difference it’ll make.

You can infect others with joy. Sounds like a disease right? Well. Let’s just say it is. It’s the best disease you’ll ever have or give. I’m thinking we could make it like the next common cold. Everybody has a strain, even if they’re just a carrier. ūüėõ

I feel like a lot of people have to have just the right circumstances, the planets align, and something major happen for them to be grateful for the life they have.  Either that or they/a loved one has a near death experience.

Is that really how you want to be? You only want to be grateful when you feel that mercy has been shown? Hmmm….

Just think on that for a little and may the force be with you.


The Start..

“Welcome to your life after college.”¬†

This is what I thought over break, even though I still have a semester left. I’ve been working since I started college, so it’s not really a surprise there. More of, ‘what should I do now that I have all this time off of homework?’

It’s really easy to become lazy. I’ve found that I love to sleep and snuggle. To those well-versed in laziness this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

A lot of people like to say, “The possibilities are endless! If only you have the eyes to see them.” This in reference to what I should be doing. I guess this is true. But what if fear still holds you back? Then I get to hear, “overcoming fear is the key to success.” Then they go back into their hole, their routine, and when something different happens they judge it rather than try to understand it.

This is really not the point here. The only person who can change their perspective is them. And while I can spend posts bitching about the world, it doesn’t really do anything. It’s kind of like screaming at a wall. Your voice echos, so you think, “Maybe I’m getting somewhere!“.. but after a while you realize, “Hey! I’m screaming at a wall.. Maybe it’s finally time to get admitted.


So back to life after college. I think the problem is that the possibilities really are¬†endless. It’s hard to choose just one! Or, even with a vague understanding of limitations, to be happy with the one possibility chosen. Even if it is sleeping and snuggling.¬†

Then there’s that fear thing again. I’m not saying I’m a wuss by any means.. I don’t really have stage fright and there’s no problem with the audition.. I just have trouble signing up¬†for the audition.

Weird, right? Yeah, but I think that’s how we all feel about our fears. “If I tell people about my fears it makes them real. Then I have to admit that I limit myself.” Ouch.. Harsh reality there.


So.. I guess today’s “lesson” is that life after college doesn’t start when college ends. Admittedly, that is a prerequisite, but after it ends I can¬†guarantee¬†there will be people that still lead the same lifestyle.


“Life after college” starts when we decide to admit our limitations and take steps to overcome them..


Yeah.. That sounds about right.. Good luck today! May the force be with you.