Early Morning

So.. I was thinking of ways to get my day started that jump starts my system, or puts me in the right frame of mind.  Here are just a couple of ideas I developed. All of which I think I’m going to do today. 😛

  • Write yourself an encouraging note and put it in your pocket. Oftentimes we’re our own harshest critic. Give yourself some leeway and a boost for when you’re beating yourself up for the latest mistake.
  • Write a poem. This opens your mind to something you might be repressing or maybe it’s just a way to think outside the box.

My poem this morning: Gentle, soft lover, fast asleep, You wriggle the toes on your miniature feet, a sweet scent of powder and youth, Warm and tender, no cries yet to soothe, I’ll remember this time when you’re old and stubborn, my sleeping prince, my gentle, soft lover. 

  • Stretch. There’s nothing like stretching to help wake you up and help your body feel good. It gets the blood pumping and helps tone all those muscles you may or may not use today.
  • Say “Thank You.” It’s along the same lines as be grateful. Every time you start a new activity (showering, starting the coffee, getting dressed, etc.) say “Thank You” to whatever higher power you believe in. I feel stupid sometimes when I do it (“Thank you for the fruit that makes the jam on my toast..”) But it changes the way you look at things. Just remember. You don’t have to have jam for that toast! Which leads me to my next point..
  • Practice Positivity. I’ve caught myself in this. I get overwhelmed, stressed, or even just trying to commiserate, and I practice negativity. Then everything is negative and, goshdarnit, if there isn’t even a ray of sunshine for my sorry ass! SO. In order to counter this attack (because you’re silly if you don’t think you’re attacking yourself) I take a deep breath and look for positive things. Even if it’s just rolling on the floor with a dog (yes, this makes me happy). Stopping, getting out of your head, and practicing saying/doing something positive makes it that much easier to change your attitude and start doing something constructive with that energy instead of thinking of how sorry you/your life are/is. 

I think that’s a pretty good start. If you have anything that helps you in the morning I’d love to hear about it! Good luck with your day today, and may the force be with you.


Convention? You mean like an oven?

Let’s talk about Convention. These are also known as society’s norms. I also like to think of them as the leftovers from more conservative eras.

I’m referring to the images that were presented as ideal situations or roles.

Ex. The Gibson Girl


Susie Homemaker,


Now let’s see how many people we know actually fit into these roles…

Yeah.. I don’t know any either. But these were iconic ideals! You can also see their male counterparts in these pictures.

Kind of ridiculous right? But it was depicted as what society accepted and celebrated. And the people who didn’t fit into these lines? Well, they were ‘tsked’ and had tongues waggle in their direction.

Now. What is today’s norm? Would you say its the Soccer Mom? Or maybe the Career Woman? I think its simpler..

Today’s norm is less about image than it is about process. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s about image too. It’s about the image of being responsible, and about accepting what others think of you in order to be happy.

Wow, doesn’t that sound attractive… Yes, that was heavy sarcasm.

We’re taught from a young age that in order to be happy we have to closely follow the “life” recipe – Grow up + become educated + find a good job + find a good woman/man + have nice things + have children + teach them the same.

Do you like this idea?

I did until I realized that it’s just ridiculous. If you try to follow this it won’t equal happiness. It equals something I’ll call, Box-dom. You fit neatly into your box and you don’t see any reason to leave, and if you do have to leave you’re not happy.

Now don’t get me wrong. I like the ingredients, but I think it needs more spices.  Like travel and volunteering.. in a third world country, or something else that will challenge your views and get you out of your box.

I discovered this personally when going through a different kind of relationship and being judged for it. I finally stopped myself from trying to fit into “the box” and realized I was happy where I was. No box necessary.

So my challenge to myself, and to anyone who might be reading, is to do something outside the box today and leave convention for making yummy pies.

May the force be with you.