Homemade baby food

So.. You know when you see something done and you’re all, “Yeah! I’m going to do that when I have kids!” Well.. That’s how today started..


See, I got a whole bunch of fresh fruits and veggies from my local farmer’s market. So when I got home I thought, ‘Great! I can make homemade baby food! That way I know exactly what’s going into it and it’ll be fresh – which is obviously better.”

This is you. The reader. At this moment. But this is at my ‘moment.’

So I start with the fresh peaches. I had previously read the ingredients on baby food and this is what it said, “Peaches, Water, Absorbic Acid (Vitamin C).” So I’m thinking, ‘Easy peasy! Fruit, water, and leave off the extra vitamin C!’

…Yeah, no. They have magic baby food elves, or fairies or SOMETHING that makes theirs look and taste good. Mine? Yeah.. It looked like watered down peaches. But I still held out hope.

I go to feed my daughter. Apparently the microscopic chunks I didn’t notice were big enough to make her choke. -.-‘ Choking being the least of my worries as she was looking at me like this was a sick form of torture and what was I doing.

Armed with the knowledge it needed to be blended more, I moved on to carrots…

Do you see where this is going?

My daughter’s convinced I’m trying to off her, and why would I do something so sick and twisted as to try to feed her these carrots.

Experiment ended. Hypothesis proved invalid.  Abort Mission if you ever want your daughter to trust your food again!

So when I finally get her REGULAR baby food and bring it out, her face is already scrunched up like she’s thinking ‘Dear God, please not this again!’ When she finds it’s sweet potatoes her face lights up.

Yes. Mommy isn’t trying to off you, now please eat so you’ll stop being a fussy, demanding… sweet angel.


By the way..

In case you’re wondering.

Carrot shavings/peels can and WILL clog your garbage disposal resulting in a need for a real or liquid plumber.