I was told once..

I was told once.. that I was special, that I was a maverick, that I was a liar, and that I am strong.

I was told once that I could accomplish anything I put my mind to. That I could succeed, if only I were to practice more.

I was told once, that I wasn’t good enough. That what I was doing, and who I was, wasn’t what someone was looking for. In fact, I’ve been told this one a lot.

I have also been told that I am talented, smart, and unique.

Though aren’t we all? We are all human, and we all share similar traits. Most of all, that we are all told who and what we are and should be – versus – discovering and embracing the humanness within ourselves. Practicing self-love and acceptance.

Today’s post is short. To wrap up – Here’s an amazing Ted Talk on Being Human.


Sun and shade will make the day, but the moon itself will rule

The sunlight smells of heat and dust,

The shade of cool and gray,

The wind it blows a merry tune to liven up the day,


The grass reflects its master true,

It cannot tell a lie,

The butterfly – it rides the wind

As it flits and floats on by,


A puppy rubs, and romps, and jumps

A single care is known,

Whether or not the two-foot feeds

The dog when they are home


The heat is but a moment longer,

Then taken over soon,

By cooler winds and autumn smells

Ruled by a longer moon

What would you do for happiness?

Happiness is elusive. That butterfly that lands upon you when you least expect it.

Yet, there are tons of articles on how you can expect it, plan for it, and even demand it.

So instead of giving you the run of the mill, “Be Grateful” “Take 5 minutes for meditation” (which you know work already but have trouble doing it because you’re jaded like I am) I’m going to give you some off-the-wall perspective.   Continue reading