Anger Boiling

Anger bursting from the seams,
Barely contained,
Ridiculed and deemed,

Yet it wasn’t I who chose this path,
Offered no understanding,
No empathy, wrath

Contain I must the slow fire inside,
For ‘the greater good’
I sacrifice pride

This piece came from an escalating disagreement. The other person keeps pushing, and pushing. Yet when I ask to remove myself in an effort of self-control, I am made to stay. Then they are surprised when I get upset.

Helpless and frustrated. But with the need to maintain a good relationship with this person due to outside circumstances.

I use the analogy of fire since really… The anger is destroying me, and not the other person.

Yet, how can you fight against something you cannot see or touch?

How can I fight the rising tide of anger, when the person won’t allow me to leave to preserve myself?

Writing has kept me from self destruction, but I’d like to figure out a way to avoid getting to this point.


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