I believe in love and softness

I believe in love.

I believe in that feeling you get when you wake up where you roll over and snuggle in with a slow smile.

I believe in a gaze with electricity. The one that says, “You and I. We connect. There’s something here.”

I believe in softness.

I believe in the shirt that clings to the soft spots and invites a touch.

I believe in mussy hair that shows the experience is more important than the appearance.

I believe in touch.

I believe in fingertips that wander gently – savoring a feel rather than looking for a destination.

I believe that skin can communicate more than words.

I believe in resonance.

I believe that souls hum when they encounter another they recognize.

I believe that romance comes through thoughtful expression – not a cliche.

I believe that feeling love reminds us that we’re alive, and keeps what’s important in perspective.

What do you believe in?