It’s a different world for a poet

Poets see the world differently.

Almost with a greater sense of observation do they expose the world to the rest of us.

They see with different eyes. Hear with different ears.

Like shared memories. You both feel the wind, but one notices the music it makes and the other notes she now has to redo her hair.

I wouldn’t say that it’s a greater sensitivity, because we all have the capability. It’s more like a choice and a shift in perspective. Say you were to flip yourself upside down. The sofa is on the ceiling, and the light is on the floor. It might change the way you feel about the floor, or you just think, “What the hell am I doing? This is ridiculous.”

It’s about allowing your imagination to do the thinking for you, and letting go of conventional wisdom.

It’s also important to realize that poets take many forms. Some are songwriters – some are artists making poetry with their brushes (Monet and Degas are favorites that I feel show this) – some are scientists.

That last one is a little harder to believe, to see. However, I believe that they fit the criteria rather well. They can look at the world differently; seeing atoms and processes and chemistry where the rest of us see a cupcake. Or seeing how the world curves when the rest of us believe we’ll fall off if we go too far – for surely the world is flat.

Poetry is everywhere, and poets are the ones who see truth and can communicate that to the rest of us.


What would you do for happiness?

Happiness is elusive. That butterfly that lands upon you when you least expect it.

Yet, there are tons of articles on how you can expect it, plan for it, and even demand it.

So instead of giving you the run of the mill, “Be Grateful” “Take 5 minutes for meditation” (which you know work already but have trouble doing it because you’re jaded like I am) I’m going to give you some off-the-wall perspective.   Continue reading

Change your thoughts, change your life

So it’s been a busy few days.

So after writing my last post, Ugly in 5 Steps, I mentally chastised myself for being so harsh. Especially since we’ve all been known to exhibit some of those traits (definitely myself included).

So I asked myself, “Why?” Why did I feel so harsh/hateful/condescending/judgmental? Here’s what I discovered.

Like attracts like. Your life is a reflection of your thoughts and values. 

Oooh… So you mean that the reason I have these people in my life and I’m not where I want to be is because of my own behavior and dark thoughts? … Ouch. Got me right where it hurts. The truth.

So I asked myself, “What do I want my life to look like?” Because really, if I want to change my life I need to change my perspective and the way I think about people and situations.

So this is my experiment for this week. Cut off the experience at the thought. Something happens, instead of dwelling on it I want to thank God that it happened, see what I can learn from it and MOVE ON.

Oh, and put what I learned into practice. Because if you don’t make a change, did you really learn anything? Remember, you can’t control your life, but you can control how you look at it.